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5 Tips to Protect Your Home from Wildfire


Embers from wildfires can reach your home from a mile away. Research shows that you can protect your home and property from wildfire. Here are five important things you can do to protect your home.


1. Vegetation
Make sure brush and trees are cut away from the house. Trim branches that overhang the house and prune back all dead plant materials and tree branches. Pay extra attention to dry material under bushes and plants.


2. Roof & Gutters
Thoroughly remove debris from the roof and gutters. Leaves and debris that have collected in gutters dry out and become vulnerable to ignition by embers.


3. Attic & Crawlspace Openings
Research has shown that embers can enter through attic and crawlspace openings. Install a minimum of ⅛-inch mesh screening over all vents to reduce the risk of embers entering these openings. Another option is to create vent covers with plywood or thin metal. Install these covers during pre-evacuation or if a wildfire is burning nearby. Be sure to remove them when the danger has passed.


4. Garage Doors
Garage doors can be another easy opening for wildfire embers to enter the home. Install garage weatherstripping along the top and sides of the door to reduce the risk that embers will find their way in.


5. Fencing
If a wood fence is attached to your home, install a non-combustible material like masonry or metal between the fence and the house. In the case the fence caught fire, it wouldn’t as easily spread to the house.


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